Puking It Up With Pluto & The 8th House

Puking It Up With Pluto & The 8th House
Nov 2022

Pluto and the 8th house are about healing. Generally this process involves what I call, "puking it up". Yes, I am talking about vomiting; expelling the poison. You can also think about lancing a boil.
The key here is that you puke it all out. Mere spewing is not going to do it. You've got to get the root of things, so it's no longer there, causing lots of trouble.
You're looking at my obviously cut wrist in the picture. There are two cuts running across and a longer on running up and down. No, I did not cut my wrist! Those are surgical scars and for the record, there is a fourth one on the back of my hand.
I had these surgeries in my twenties. Four surgeries leaving four scars, all for the same issue. Ganglion cysts.
You might recall, I have Mars conjunct Mercury, my hands have been cut, not just in this instance but many times. Anyway, I had these ganglion cysts popping up; they're harmless unless they bother you and they bothered me, greatly.
The first surgeon made one of the diagonal cuts and removed the cyst. A few months later, another cyst popped up on the back of may hand. Hydra, anyone? The surgeon did a second operation and that was it.
That was it for about two months at which point, the first cyst came back and I had a third surgery.

Puking It Up With Pluto & The 8th House
When the ganglion came back a fourth time, I was quite pissed off so I got a new surgeon and I was pretty aggressive with him.
"Do you have the skill to get rid of this? Can. You. Do it? I am sick of wasting my time!"
The new doctor was confident. "Yes, I can do it."
He explained what I already knew, if you don't get the whole root, these cysts can grow back. FAST, in my case. Mars. So he said he could and would get it all, no matter what.
I woke up from surgery and there was the surgeon to tell me he in fact, got it all. He said it was far worse that he expected, the root extended back into my forearm. That's an old scar - take my word for it, my wrist was mangled by this operation.
The surgeon said he made as small a cut as he could and dug out the root via the opening, but the deeper he dug, the deeper it went. He said he'd have done the same as the other surgeon had I not instructed him. I liked this guy - we had a deal and he kept his end of it.
When I saw my cut (and bruised) wrist, Libra couldn't take it. It was grotesque so I divorced myself from the situation! I literally extended my arm away from my body. I also refused to look at it for a week or so, until it calmed down. Yes. Someone changed the dressing for me.
Eventually it healed enough, I got used to it and as you might have guessed, the last surgery resolved the problem permanently.
When you're dealing with a psychological problem, it's the same process. Just make sure the person helping you is willing to work and wrestle with your demon(s) until they're defeated.
They are defeated the same way the Hydra is defeated. These things must be held up to the light and air.
Can you relate to this process?