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LONG LASTING TIME: Scented Candles for Home, each jar candle 4 oz burning time approaches 24-30h. 12 cans of candles working time approaches 360 hours. Portable Tin candles create comfortable aromatic bliss for you and your family.  SCENTED CANDLES GIFT SETS: Our Aromatherapy Candles have 4 fragrances: Lavender, Vanilla, Rose, Jasmine Flower. Life is like a box of scented candles, you're going to try it in different aromas. Rich and long lasting fragrance makes you feel comfortable and brings you more olfactory pleasure.  CANDLES FOR HOME SCENTED: Made of plant essential oils and natural soy, our scented candle gift sets have many benefits, such as long-lasting burning, purifying the air, creating a good atmosphere, warming your home, and more.  PERFECT GIFT SET: With a beautiful gift box, perfect candles gifts for women is suitable for any holiday or special event,  such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Children’s Day, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Birthday Gifts, Christmas, Teachers, Ideal gift for female friends.   DECORATIVE TIN CONTAINER: The nice container can be used for others when you used out the candles, it is a good choice for planting the flower or storage the little things, such as rings, necklaces, buttons or others.  › See more product details