The Four Signs Most Resistant to Marriage

The Four Signs Most Resistant to Marriage
Aug 2016

Marriage is not exclusive to a few signs. All signs have the potential to make a traditional commitment, but some are less inclined than others. For a few signs, the idea of promising themselves to one person for the rest of their lives is not appealing. In general, they shrink from the perfect storm of tradition, fidelity, limits and compromise. Of course, the rest of the natal chart always tells the full story. A person with their Sun in one the signs below may have a packed 7th House with Saturn aspects all over the place, encouraging them to settle down.
When a relationship becomes routine, Aries gets bored. When he gets bored, he'll shake things up. Courage comes naturally to Aries, and it's essential for him to have an ongoing challenge. But this brave sign has one major fear, and that's predictability. He's great at initiating, but after awhile, he looks around for something new to start. With the right partner, Aries can have a vibrant, passionate union that challenges him, but the idea of "settling down" is not natural to him. Even the phrase sounds completely opposite from what he stands for. Also, as the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is instinctively focused on self. Balancing his needs with a partner does not come easily.
Worst-Case Marriage Fear: yawn-inducing routines and comfort
You might think this sign is all about tying the knot. She does love her predictable routines, but she is massively stubborn and selective. She's not resistant to the rules of marriage as much as the concept of sharing with another person. She doesn't hook up with just anyone, and if she does select a partner, she'll be very cautious about allowing them into her personal space. The things she surrounds herself with are sacred. Plus, she's self-sufficient. She loves to love, but the idea of disrupting her habits by living with another person is foreign. Similar to Aries, she is self-focused, but her focus is on continuing what's always worked for her. Marriage involves change. It's easy for her to become the eternal bachelorette who preserves her way of life.
Worst-Case Marriage Fear: a partner who shakes up her routine and moves her stuff around

Marriage may not be totally out of the question, but it's probably not on his top five. He wants to keep exploring and expanding; there are always new experiences to check out. After a while, marriage is no longer a new experience. In fact, the whole tradition thing is unappealing. He can be as faithful as the next sign, but an institution with rules about how to love rubs him the wrong way. And, for all his optimism and good humor, Sag can be insensitive. With his eyes focused on the bigger issue, he overlooks the fine points of what might offend his partner. He dreads being stuck in a situation where he doesn't have the freedom to do and say what he wants. Mind you, if he meets an open-minded partner who wants to be his travelling companion, marriage might work.
Worst-Case Marriage Fear: no room to move and endless chastisement from an easily-offended partner
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The traditional aspect of marriage is probably not as big of a turnoff as you think. Most Aquarians are not out-and-out rebels, and have no problems functioning within society's rules. But her mix of independence, introversion and stubbornness makes marriage a difficult prospect. She needs major amounts of alone time and she has her own very set way of doing things. Plus, at her core, she simply doesn't need a partner. She may fall in love, but she'd be perfectly to happy to have a long-term relationship that consisted of each person living in their own home. And, she sees no need for a legal document that makes it official. What does that piece of paper mean, anyway? As far as Aquarius is concerned, if she loves someone, she loves them. She'll be faithful, and that should be enough.
Worst-Case Marriage Fear: dealing with a needy partner who gets upset when affection is not traditionally expressed. And, always having someone right there.[/show_to]
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