Your Personality Secrets, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Your Personality Secrets, Based on Your Zodiac Sign
Aug 2020

Have you ever wondered what the secrets of your personality are based on your zodiac sign?
You may think you know yourself well - but each of us is far more complex than we give ourselves credit for. We operate on a daily basis with the conscious mind, but the subconscious mind (the one we access while sleeping, deep meditation or through a sense of feeling) is infinite and often hidden to us.
It's also in the subconscious mind that the realm of our personality secrets linger.
So, are you ready to explore yours? It can be a little daunting, just like the eighth house. But the more we explore ourselves, the closer we come to experiencing a sense of wholeness and oneness with ourselves and the Universe at large.
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Your Success in Love Depends on Your Ability to Commit
The raging ram is known for their daring nature, passion and enthusiasm. You are also known for your hot temper and tendency to look before you leap. When it comes to love and romance, your flame and passion rises hot and fast, but can burn out just as quick.
The secret here is that the more you are able to ground yourself and commit to your loved one, the more successful your relationship will be.
You Are Sensitive on the Inside
Sensitivity is most often associated with the Water signs, but few see the deep sensitivity that lies inside the Aries. You may appear confident and spirited to others, but on the inside is a sensitive and compassionate individual.
Don't be afraid to show this side of yourself, Aries.
Tradition & Principles Lead to Satisfaction
The steady bull is known for their reliability, steadfastness and ability to see things through to the end. You are known for your level head and patience. When it comes to love and romance, a relationship steeped in tradition where you are able to practice your principles to your heart's content is what makes for a successful relationship.
Don't deny what lies in your heart or try to change for someone else. You must be free to be your true, authentic self to be happy.
You Believe in Compromise
Ruled by Venus, you are not one for conflict if you can avoid it. In this respect, you are no different to your fellow Venusian, Libra. You are someone who believes in fairness and sticking to your opinions. You may have gained a reputation as "stubborn", but essentially what you want is equal balance between all.
You are not afraid to wave a white flag to find harmony, Taurus.
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Communication is Key to a Successful Relationship
This chatty Air sign is known for their ability to engage others, quick wit and intelligence. When it comes to love and romance, communication is key. A relationship where you are unable to express yourself is doomed to failure.
Acknowledging this aspect of yourself is key to finding a partner you can gel with. Mental attraction and compatibility paves the way for happiness.
You Speak Before You Think
It is the case that sometimes you open your mouth without realizing what comes out of it, Gemini. This can land you in hot water at times, but this does not lessen your sincerity. If you sometimes wonder why someone suddenly seems "off" with you, it could be that you said something that hurt their feelings.
Recognizing this quality about yourself can help you turn the tables and apply a little more tact where necessary.
The Freedom to Nurture Paves the Way for Success
This caring crab is known for their sensitivity, motherly behavior and protectiveness for those they love. When it comes to love and romance, you feel a strong desire to nurture, Cancer. If you are unable to care for your loved one in the way you want to, you can become moody and resentful. Finding a partner who lets you take care of them is a surefire way to your happiness.
Just be sure you are being nurturing as opposed to "smothering", and that your partner appreciates all you do. Feeling unappreciated can create a lot of resentment.
You Need Your Space
As much as you love nurturing others, you need your alone time. You are a sensitive soul, and if you aren't given time to recharge your batteries, it can result in emotional outbursts that can be very difficult for all involved, including you. Recognizing that you need time to yourself can help you stay balanced and happy.
It is especially healing for you to spend quiet time among nature, which naturally replenishes and rejuvenates you.
Passion Paves the Way to Happiness
This majestic lion is known for their boldness, liveliness and daring nature. When it comes to love and romance, it is passion that keeps the flames of desire alive. A relationship without passion becomes dull and drab, leading to low moods and even depression.
You need a partner that stimulates you, that excites you, and who boosts your spirits when you are low. You value teamwork in a relationship, Leo.
You Need Encouragement in Your Relationships
As bright and bold as you come across, deep down is a sensitive and sometimes insecure person. While the Water signs show their sensitivity openly, you Fire signs have a tendency to hide it. In all of your relationships, you require re-affirmations from others that remind you of your positive qualities. Without this, you can sink into your negative ones.
Recognizing this about yourself helps you work on your self-confidence and enables you to see the difference between ego and confidence.

Acceptance Paves the Way to Happiness
This earthy maiden is known for their practicality, reliability and attention to detail. When it comes to love and relationships, you value structure and order. You like things to be planned and, above all, you like things to go to plan. However, you can be too critical, both of others and yourself.
Accepting others' flaws, and your own, is the sure-fire way to true happiness.
You are Generous to a Fault
Others may perceive the Virgo as boring or dull, but you are anything but. What's more, you have a deeply generous nature which is what makes you such a wonderful friend. When there is a crisis, others know they can count on you. Your generosity is one of your finest qualities.
Just be careful others don't take advantage of this kind nature.
Harmony is Key to Happiness
These scales of justice are known for their desire for justice, balance and harmony. Librans have a love of beauty and pleasantness. You also strongly dislike conflict, and the key to your happiness in relationships is equality and harmony between you and another. However, sometimes you will run from conflict rather than face it.
The key is to face issues preventing you from achieving your heart's desire, and finding a way to acquire the harmony you seek.
You are a Born Leader
Librans may come across as a bit demure at times, but there is nothing demure about this Cardinal Air sign. The Cardinal signs are the signs of leadership. As much as you value diplomacy and peace, you have an innate gift of leadership.
It may not be obvious to others or even yourself, but authority is a position you take in your stride when you accept this fundamental part of yourself.
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Depth is Key to Happiness
This magnetic scorpion is known for intensity, passion and strength. As one of the deepest and most mysterious signs of the zodiac, Scorpio goes where angels fear to tread. The key to happiness in your relationships is depth with another.
A superficial relationship just doesn't wash with you. You need meaning, which leads to passion.
You Possess the Power of Transformation
As ruler of the eighth house, your potential for transformation is incredible. You are able to take a bad situation and transform it into a good one; you are able to take a negative emotion and transform it into a positive one.
When you are able to recognize this superpower within you, you are capable of achieving more than you ever knew.
Freedom is Key to Happiness
The adventurous centaur is known for its free-spirit, optimism and honesty. To find happiness in your relationships with others, a mutual understanding of freedom and fairness is important.
Feeling restricted and unable to express your beliefs or thoughts leads to negative spirals.
You are a Natural Teacher
You are a seeker of wisdom and enlightenment. The journey is harder for some and easier for others, but your core purpose is to understand everything at a spiritual level, and spiritually evolve in the process. You have an innate gift to teach others and pass onto them your own experiences and findings.
When you acknowledge this side of yourself, you can truly change the lives of others, Sagittarius.

Being True to Your Soul Purpose is Key to Success
This determined goat is known for its seriousness, ambition and persistence. Ruled by Saturn who shares these qualities, Capricorn is a sign that is willing to go the long-haul to see results. You may find yourself struggling between your soul purpose and the whims of your ego throughout your life.
When you reach deep within and find out what you truly want, this is when you find true happiness.
You are an Optimist
You are an optimist, far more than you let on. Others may think you are a pessimist because you are such a realist, but the reality is that you see the silver lining in every cloud. Others value you for this quality, especially when the chips are down.
Uniqueness is Key to Happiness
This water-bearer is known for its individuality, love of freedom and intelligence. In relationships, it is important for you to be able to be your true, authentic self. You are the progressive of the zodiac, and if you feel you are trapped or being caged in, it paves the way for misery.
When you and your loved ones embrace your individuality, this is when you find true success.
You Care What Others Think
It is an ongoing struggle for the unique Aquarius having to waver between being themselves, and being what society expects of them. This is in fact the soul purpose of Aquarius. Expressing yourself at your most individual level makes your heart soar; but you care what others think more deeply than you let on.
You feel you are being judged often, but it is a secret you will rarely share.
Compassion is Key to Happiness
This dreamy fish is known for its gentleness, kindness and benevolence. In relationships, it is important for you to be able to express yourself from the heart. A meaningful and deep connection is important for you. Scorpio in particular intrigues you and can fulfill that yearning desire for depth.
Of all the signs, Scorpio is the one that can travel with you through the waves of the mystical ocean and penetrate the magical watery layers. At your most compassionate is when you feel most fulfilled - and this includes compassion towards yourself.
You Can Struggle With Commitment Issues
Being such a dreamer, you sometimes prefer to stay in your own little world, Pisces. So when reality hits - particularly unpleasant reality - you can have a tendency to flee. Recognizing this aspect of yourself is important when it comes to relationships">relationships or anything else that requires commitment.
Acknowledging it can help you find a good balance between reality and fantasy.

What Are Your Personality Secrets?
So there you have the secrets of your zodiac sign. Remember, when you acknowledge both positive and negative aspects of yourself, you are then able to understand them better, and understanding them enables you to master them.
A natal chart is not set in stone. We are the masters of our destiny. What may appear to be a flaw can be transformed into a strength. Riding the waves of astrology is an exciting journey and can provide intense spiritual experiences. What secrets lie within you? Understanding them is key to your own happiness, and the happiness of others.